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Educator, instructional technologist, tinkerer, musicmaker, hauler of bootstraps

Grant Potter "the internet is a tool, a tactic, and a territory – integral to challenging the relations of power– studying studying the new vulnerabilities of networked media is fundamental to the future of democracies."

Grant Potter "I used to imagine that time was on the side of the internet’s infrastructure providers—that we were in for a flat world of torrenting, friction-free data. That could well have happened, but it didn’t pay off fast enough; instead, today’s surveillance-marketing business model set in, and with it the realization that “information about you wants to be free to us.”

Grant Potter

First Nations community ISP run by teenagers and 20 somethings services 30 homes, and the project is far from finished.

Grant Potter

"For people in positions of privilege and power, it takes far more courage to confront their own biases and stand in solidarity with people who are being discriminated against than it does to complain about people who disagree with them being mean on the Internet."

Grant Potter

Grant Potter "to provide low-cost, community supported mesh internet access to our primarily low income downtown neighborhood in Vermont's Northeast"

Grant Potter

"Something needs to change, and goodwill and fond words alone won’t cut it."

Grant Potter "This is the power that radio has to persuade through emotion, repetition, familiarity, and tone, rather than facts or argument. A good radio broadcast makes you feel like a part of something bigger, even as you listen alone."

"We have to assume the new technologies we invent will concentrate power, too. There is always a gap between mass adoption and the first skillful political use of a medium. With the Internet, we are crossing that gap right now."

"Radios don't just talk to us anymore, they listen, and they know how to whisper algorithmically-targeted messages to us in ways we’ll find persuasive.

"It is a scary world we're building. And building it this way is a choice, not a necessity. We can't un-invent the Internet, but we can decide that the right way to fund it is not by building a Panopticon."

"The Utopian qualities that made us love the web have not disappeared, even as it's become centralized and corporate, and we can find ways to defend and express them in our work.

The important thing is to recognize that there is a fight, and a need for individual acts of creative resilience.

We have to make sure that the powerful don't get comfortable using our tools. And we have to find ways to dismantle the surveillance economy before it becomes a poltical weapon turned against our democracy. "

Grant Potter

See how data travels across the internet and the privacy risks it faces along the way with @IXmapsCA

Grant Potter