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Educator, instructional technologist, tinkerer, musicmaker, hauler of bootstraps

Grant Potter "To fail is to be a victim, to be a victim of my choice ... maybe partying will help..."

Grant Potter

adopted playlist - expanded collection of @AphexTwin releases since 1991

Grant Potter

Having some fun with @DJIGlobal along & above St. Mary's Bay in this week

Grant Potter

Having some fun with @djimavicdrone along & above St. Mary's Bay in this week

Grant Potter

"But me a ticket for sonic reduction ..."

Grant Potter "To feel at home in opportunity-rich areas, you’ve got to understand the right barre techniques, sport the right baby carrier, have the right podcast, food truck, tea, wine and Pilates tastes, not to mention possess the right attitudes about David Foster Wallace, child-rearing, gender norms and intersectionality."

Grant Potter "Centuries of Sound is an attempt to produce a set of mixes for every year of recorded sound. Starting in 1860, a mix will be posted every month until we catch up with the present day."

Grant Potter "your circuits are functional, but they are not musical. Musical instruments do not need perfect waveforms and correct operating points. You need to use the transistor for what it is. As long as it sounds good, it’s OK."

Grant Potter "Twice a day, 14 billion tonnes of water move through the narrows between two steep headlands, Cape Split and Cape Sharp: that’s more than the combined flow of all the rivers on Earth. On the ocean floor, enormous boulders roll with every ebb and flow tide. When the Minas Basin fills, the weight of the water causes the surrounding land to measurably dip. At full flood, the passage is a riot of gyres and standing waves. The churned silt makes the water look like your latte, if your latte moved at five meters per second."

Grant Potter

Live @freshkils & @vekked @HFXJazzFest JazzLabs