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Grant Potter

"an API that makes it easy to analyze your video content with a single API request."

Grant Potter "as a corollary to issues of democratic ownership and governance raised by , asks a straight question: “What do we want to produce?”

Grant Potter "the time seems ripe to fundamentally redefine open education and once and for all decide that it cannot just equal open educational resources ... the 10th anniversary of the Cape Town Declaration creates a perfect opportunity to make this clear" ... props to @clintlalonde for rooting our mission statement in that Declaration

Grant Potter "Over the period of about three weeks, I went from having some limited API access to having control over a server, to getting Domain Admin and root across the entire estate. It may surprise people, but I didn't need any 0days."

Grant Potter

reform in Canada and beyond via: @creativecommons

Grant Potter

More great writing from @unbc @docdez Molecular Cell Physiology students

Grant Potter "A pattern, transhumanists would insist, is not the same as a soul. But it’s not difficult to see how it satisfies the same longing. At the very least, a pattern suggests that there is some essential core of our being that will survive and perhaps transcend the inevitable degradation of flesh."

Grant Potter "effectiveness without autonomy is not effective, dependency-induced compliance is no social contract, and freedom from uncertainty is no freedom."

Grant Potter "enormously powerful corporations that move fast and break things, while minimising their tax bills and shirking the responsibilities that come with their media power."

Grant Potter

via @friedelitis @brlamb @clintlalonde @tanbob "a cooperative of people who care about the things they develop, seems both disobedient and old-fashioned in a good way."