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Educator, instructional technologist, tinkerer, musicmaker, hauler of bootstraps

Grant Potter

Fantastic hearing student successes via Northern Distance Learning Program - many fond memories of

Grant Potter

Grant Potter Language Integration through E-portfolio (LITE) - student that promotes reflection on culture, the learning process, learning experiences and on one’s own identity.

Grant Potter

Love how @EmilyCarrU publicly celebrates student learning and portfolios

Grant Potter "However, is not limited to just . It also draws upon open technologies that facilitate collaborative, flexible learning and the open sharing of teaching practices that empower educators to benefit from the best ideas of their colleagues"

Grant Potter cc: @sleslie "So we know 11,000 kids and teens have rekindled their relationship with reading, learning, and libraries one month after we offered the amnesty."

Grant Potter "You have machine learning — which loves short and simple feedback loops — and you have social media, which has a business model and interface built around those loops."

Grant Potter "At its best, the Internet is a platform for teaching and learning, collaboration, and interaction among students, faculty, researchers, library patrons, local communities, and the world."

Grant Potter

Please let this guy keynote someplace, “Anything Can Be Attempted: Table-Top Role Playing Games as Learning and Pedagogy.”

Grant Potter “Changes in functional connectivity between areas in high frequency bands accounts for improvements within learning.”