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Educator, instructional technologist, tinkerer, musicmaker, hauler of bootstraps

Grant Potter

"a discussion on data, design, privacy and politics."

Grant Potter "Democracy assumes that its citizens share the same reality. We’re about to find out whether democracy can be preserved when this assumption no longer holds."

Grant Potter “I’m really careful about what I post on Facebook now .. because of the political situation, the space for talking about politics is getting smaller and smaller.”

Grant Potter why should “democratic” politics be thought of as “above” the forces and powers of fantasy, enchantment, passionate sentiments, and drama when these characteristics are so fundamental to the workings of social life?

Grant Potter "Any whole-system approach doesn't work. What I would recommend is not that we abandon technology, but that we deal with it as an integrated part of our world, and that we engage it the same way that we engage the highway system, the architecture that supports our buildings, or the way we organize hospitals."

"Design is the process by which the politics of one world become the constraints on another."

Grant Potter

“the Age of Professions will be remembered as the time when politics withered, when voters guided by professors entrusted to technocrats the power to legislate needs, the authority to decide who needed what, and a monopoly over the means by which those needs should be met.”

Grant Potter

College scholarship tycoon:can you improve your school’s rankings without discriminating against the poor?

Grant Potter

When the money gets big enough, finance and economics and politics are all the same thing.

Grant Potter "the time seems ripe to fundamentally redefine open education and once and for all decide that it cannot just equal open educational resources ... the 10th anniversary of the Cape Town Declaration creates a perfect opportunity to make this clear" ... props to @clintlalonde for rooting our mission statement in that Declaration

Grant Potter

some more politics of open ... BC Liberals will: Continue to expand the program by committing an additional $10 million over the term