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Educator, instructional technologist, tinkerer, musicmaker, hauler of bootstraps

Grant Potter "in their everyday adoption and use of digital technology, universities play an important role in acculturating students and university workers to a certain type of mentality towards everyday software that significantly contributes to the training of the popular imagination in how software should be developed, governed, and distributed and what interests it should serve."

Grant Potter “from weapons manufacturer to full solutions provider of cloud & mobile software, connected devices, wearable cameras, & artificial intelligence”

Grant Potter

.@wikitribune launches “We’re using @WordPress as the core of our launch platform, and it has some major strengths as a content management system, not least of which is that it is open source and has a mature and strong ecosystem of open source developers. But it also has some major philosophical differences from a wiki – the default assumptions about who can do what are really quite different. So the job of making the software to build our news platform as powerful as we need it to be is going to take some time. Please help me figure out the priorities.”

Grant Potter HT: @twoodwar "Because digital books are software, an author shouldn’t think of a book as merely data. The book is a program. The way we make digital books better than their predecessors is by exploiting this programmability."

Grant Potter "now that a generation of musicians has been raised on GarageBand and iPads, does it really make sense to cover a piece of software in wood paneling?"

Grant Potter

There's alot on offer in the new @KorgUSA iMono/Poly iOS app

Grant Potter @psychemedia "We should be using software that runs as a service and is delivered directly through the browser. Service based, personal computing in the cloud."

Grant Potter via @HybridPed 'A funny thing happened on the way to academic integrity. Plagiarism detection software has seized control of student intellectual property.'

Grant Potter "He said he got his first job out of school without any real qualifications, having skipped university to start up a tech blog and write software."

Grant Potter

"The Internet can be owned and governed differently. The experiments now already underway show that a global ecosystem of cooperatives and unions, in collaboration with movements such as Free and Open Source Software, can stand against the concentration of wealth and the insecurity of workers that yields Silicon Valley’s winner-takes-all economy."