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Educator, instructional technologist, tinkerer, musicmaker, hauler of bootstraps

Grant Potter "If tech is going to infiltrate, influence, and shape all of society, it is unacceptable for tech alone, or tech alone using pure market forces, to decide what tools are or are not acceptable."

Grant Potter

Livestream 4:00pm EST on Wednesday, January 17th, 2018 from @PopTechWorks ' Automating Inequality: How High-Tech Tools Profile, Police, and Punish the Poor'

Grant Potter “today’s command-and-control systems must contend with threats that barely existed during the Cold War: malware, spyware, worms, bugs, viruses, corrupted firmware, logic bombs, Trojan horses, and all the other modern tools of cyber warfare. “

Grant Potter "This is the power that radio has to persuade through emotion, repetition, familiarity, and tone, rather than facts or argument. A good radio broadcast makes you feel like a part of something bigger, even as you listen alone."

"We have to assume the new technologies we invent will concentrate power, too. There is always a gap between mass adoption and the first skillful political use of a medium. With the Internet, we are crossing that gap right now."

"Radios don't just talk to us anymore, they listen, and they know how to whisper algorithmically-targeted messages to us in ways we’ll find persuasive.

"It is a scary world we're building. And building it this way is a choice, not a necessity. We can't un-invent the Internet, but we can decide that the right way to fund it is not by building a Panopticon."

"The Utopian qualities that made us love the web have not disappeared, even as it's become centralized and corporate, and we can find ways to defend and express them in our work.

The important thing is to recognize that there is a fight, and a need for individual acts of creative resilience.

We have to make sure that the powerful don't get comfortable using our tools. And we have to find ways to dismantle the surveillance economy before it becomes a poltical weapon turned against our democracy. "

Grant Potter “It is not how you solve diabetes. It is not how you use precision medicine to cure cancer. It is not how you educate broad swaths of the world’s population.”

"If you feed the beast, that beast will destroy you. If you push back on it, we have a chance to control it and rein it in, and this is a point in time where people need a hard break from some of these tools and the things that you rely on. The short-term dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works: No civil discourse, no cooperation, misinformation, mistruth. And it’s not an American problem — this is not about Russian ads — this is a global problem."

Grant Potter 2017 Global Enforcement Network Sweep "focused on certain privacy practices of online educational tools and services targeted at classrooms"

Grant Potter "the digital era has not just altered our tools for working with sound but also our relationship to time itself"

Grant Potter

Hacking Soundcloud: Creating an Interactive Track - How I used web automation tools to create an interactive release

Grant Potter

.@ryanmerkley sez, "shared infrastructure and open tools" for a digital commons

Grant Potter Imagine being able to synthesize a politician saying anything you type and then upload the highly realistic video to Facebook with a fake CNN chyron banner. Expect the early versions of these tools available before 2020.