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Educator, instructional technologist, tinkerer, musicmaker, hauler of bootstraps

Grant Potter

Grant Potter “The real source of robot anxiety isn’t the android’s uncanny mimicry of human movement. It’s American capitalism, which forces workers to experience employment as a zero-sum conflict. (When Americans aren’t afraid robots will take our jobs, we’re afraid immigrants will.) We fight hard to keep our jobs because we know that if we’re out of work, we’ll have no way to provide for ourselves or earn social respect. That’s been true for much longer than we have been dreaming of automated production.”

Grant Potter "The web is and will always be the most popular mobile operating system in the world — not iOS or Android"

Grant Potter "researchers said they discovered 234 Android applications that ask permission to access your smartphone’s microphone to incorporate a particular type ultrasonic beacon to track consumers."

Grant Potter

"We are initially focused on building iOS, Android, and web apps for listeners. These are the new radios of our time."

Grant Potter

@owntracks service now available at via your iOS & Android devices