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Grant Potter

BinderHub Documentation

BinderHub allows you to BUILD and REGISTER a Docker image using a GitHub repository, then CONNECT with JupyterHub, allowing you to create a public IP address that allows users to interact with the code / environment you specify in the repository within a live JupyterHub instance

Grant Potter

Grant Potter

Grant Potter

Grant Potter

@Rancher_Labs - easily manage all aspects of running containers in development and production environments, on any infrastructure

Grant Potter

Grant Potter @cloudron_io Uses containers to enable self-hosted apps on subdomains

Grant Potter

@doctorow parable - the echoes of norms

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The state of Roman metallurgical science determined the maximum length of a chariot’s axle and hence its wheel-base

The Roman-chariot’s wheel-base determined the width of the Roman roads

The width of the Roman roads determined the width of modern carts

The width of modern carts determined the width of modern roads

The width of modern roads determined the width of wheel-bases for cars and lorries

The width of lorries determined the width of containers and the parameters of rail-cars and container-ships

And since the Space Shuttle’s reusable fuel-tanks had to be transported on these roads and railroads, they, too, were ultimately determined by the state of Roman metalurgy, thousands of years ago

This is, of course, a gross oversimplification, but it is intended as parable and not as history

The reason to recount this parable here, now, at this early, liminal moment in the future history of the information age is that:

  • We are presently building the electronic nervous system of the modern world, and

  • We dwellers on the electronic frontier have it on our power to establish the norms, laws, and practices that will echo through the ages to come