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Grant Potter 2017 Global Enforcement Network Sweep "focused on certain privacy practices of online educational tools and services targeted at classrooms"

Grant Potter “The entire Bitcoin network now consumes more energy than a number of countries”

Grant Potter

Grant Potter "Rather than trying to hide individual proxies from censors, refraction brings proxy functionality to the core of the network, through partnership with ISPs and other network operators."

Grant Potter run the style-transfer neural network in your browser as fast as CPU TensorFlow on a desktop HT: @realdlnorman

Grant Potter

offers a call to colleges & universities around the globe to consider how their resources—staff, faculty, students, space, digital infrastructures, brands—can be deployed at all three layers of the initiative .... It has to be willing to lend a portion of its infrastructure and its time and its endowments to this integrated model of network plus institution plus community, even though this model does not factor in prestige rankings or research dollars. It has to be willing to look to people both in and beyond classroom walls as part of its purview.‬

Grant Potter control any MIDI compatible app, send MIDI over the network to other devices, and even synchronize external hardware like analog

Grant Potter cellF “brain” is made of a biological neural network that grows in a Petri dish and controls in real time an array of analogue modular synthesizers that were custom made to work in synergy with the neural network.

Grant Potter "a Platform is an “area of work” that can have goals, objectives, policy positions, individual and collaborative activities, and possibly also specific programs. It is a way of organizing and coordinating collaboration across the network, rather than simply an area of interest."

Grant Potter

"the network includes more than 486,767 users spread out among more than a 1,212 instances"