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Grant Potter "A pattern, transhumanists would insist, is not the same as a soul. But it’s not difficult to see how it satisfies the same longing. At the very least, a pattern suggests that there is some essential core of our being that will survive and perhaps transcend the inevitable degradation of flesh."

Grant Potter

Technology Freelancer's Guide to Starting a Worker Cooperative

Grant Potter Tech Co-op Network - network of North American tech worker co-ops: worker cooperatives that provide media, communications, and technology

Grant Potter "Designing computers to treat their owners as untrustworthy adversaries, unfit to reconfigure them or know their defects, is a far more dangerous proposition than merely having computers with bad software."

Grant Potter

187 @etherpadorg spaces and 57 @wekanapp boards in to date

Grant Potter

“Coder,” “Activist,” “Hacker”: in the Italian, UK, U.S., and Technology Press

Grant Potter "You have all these players entering into this space, and the assumption is they’ll do it through vast armies of underemployed people looking for extra hours, and we can control every nuance about what they do but not have to pay them."

Grant Potter

Open Technology: The Third Pillar of via @clintlalonde

Grant Potter via: @psychemedia "If we want to start developing digital skills at scale, we need to get the initiatives out of the computing departments and into the technology departments, and science departments, and engineering departments, and humanities departments, and social science departments…"

Grant Potter 1. Universities must invest in digital skills. 2. Gender inequality in science and technology is a real thing. 3.Wikimedians will save us from Wikimedians.